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CDC: Don’t Hug Your Chickens

If you have backyard chickens the CDC has a request. Don’t cuddle, snuggle, or smooch on your chickens. Officials are investigating a salmonella outbreak that has been linked to backyard poultry in Tennessee. Officials say always wash your hands well after touching poultry, their eggs, or coops. Also don’t wear shoes used in coops inside…MORE

GOP Primary Senate Nomination Race Update

A nearly 4-hour hearing before a Commonwealth Court judge Tuesday ended without a ruling that could change the outcome of the Republican primary race for a U.S. Senate seat. The decision is over whether Pennsylvania counties must include mail ballots missing a handwritten date on their secrecy envelopes. Dr. Mehmet Oz leads David McCormick by…MORE

How You Can Help The People Of Ukraine

How You Can Help The People Of Ukraine

We continue to watch in horror as Russian troops, increase their assault on the innocent people of Ukraine. The devastation is beyond belief. Innocent families and children are being uprooted from their homes, and hundreds of others have already been killed as a result of the non-stop bombing. The people of Ukraine need help. If…MORE

Park City Center Shooting Update

We know more about Sunday afternoon’s shooting at Park City Center that left 4-people wounded. Police say an argument turned violent when at least one of the subjects was carrying a concealed firearm and a struggle ensued for the gun. Officers say that’s when others joined in and gunshots were fired by the armed subject…MORE

PA Institutes Two-Bottle Limit On Some Liquor

Supply chain shortages have forced the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board to ration the sales of a few dozen products starting today. PLCB officials say that two-bottles-per-day purchase limits of 43-items for customers at state stores, plus bars, restaurants and other license holders, will remain in place indefinitely. The products are just a small number of…MORE

Reach Thousands of Football Fans

Reach Thousands of Football Fans

Put Your Business in the game and reach thousands of passionate football fans every week! With Cumulus Radio, you can promote your business during broadcasts of your favorite teams, including the Penn State Nittany Lions, Baltimore Ravens, & defending champion Philadelphia Eagles! Find out how you can advertise during these games, email or call…MORE

WSBA Weekends

The Weekend Lineup on NewsTalk 93.9 & 910 WSBA SATURDAY 12am-1am Dave Ramsey 1am-6am Red Eye Radio 6am-6:30am Week in Review 6:30am-7am America This Week 7am-8am Purity Products 8am-11am In the Garden with Andre Viette 11am-2pm Chris Plante 2pm-4pm Money Pit 4pm-10pm Talk Radio Countdown with Doug Stephan 10pm-12am The Ken Coleman Show SUNDAY 12am-1am…MORE

Main Street Voices: Unity in Our Community; The NFL Misses an Opportunity!

There is probably no larger audience for a sporting event in the country than there is for the National Football League.  Americans line up to watch every Sunday, Monday, and Thursday nights from late August through January to watch all things NFL.  And just in case that is not enough, there is the NFL Network…MORE

Accomplishments and history of Pat Summitt

Accomplishments and history of Pat Summitt

For four decades, the University of Tennessee Lady Vol basketball program was among the nation’s elite and, in the process, changed the way women’s collegiate hoops has been perceived across the country. No one did a better job of managing what goes on inside the 94×50 rectangle known as a collegiate basketball court than the…MORE

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