Park City Center Shooting Update

We know more about Sunday afternoon’s shooting at Park City Center that left 4-people wounded. Police say an argument turned violent when at least one of the subjects was carrying a concealed firearm and a struggle ensued for the gun. Officers say that’s when others joined in and gunshots were fired by the armed subject who is a 16-year-old Lancaster City resident. Police say an uninvolved bystander armed with their own, legally possessed firearm heard the initial gunshots and fired a shot hitting one person. The bystander then waited at the scene until officers arrived. The District Attorney will determine if the actions of the bystander were lawful and justified. A total of 6-shots were fired injuring three males and a woman. The wounds were not life-threatening. The 16-year old has been hospitalized and is in police custody, awaiting the filing of formal charges.

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