Just A Voice on Main Street: Are We beyond Fixing?

 There was a belief in split government where competing ideas might offset each other on how best to govern.  The compact here was supposed to revolve around the concept that we all believed in the Constitution as the Supreme Law of Our Land.  What has many concerned today, and why they don’t want split government is the belief that we have become so tribal to our parties, ideologies, and beliefs that our common and shared values, love of country, and yes, our way of living is so divorced; one side from another.  The concept of working to gain the best for all citizens seems to be missing, while politicians laser in on groups of people they can get to support them at any cost

 As a result, the Constitution and its precepts have become an afterthought, or even worse an impediment to get what we want in an age of self-serving behavior.  It is no longer President John Kennedy’s plea of, “Ask not what your country can do for you; Ask what you can do for your country.”  It has become, “What can my country do for me, and who will best give it to me in return for my blind allegiance to them as signified with my vote.”  Yes, instead of shared values and beliefs in a common cause, we are a fractured society which operates on the here and now, ignorance of our history and our government’s founding, no sense of civic duty or love of country, and worst of all, no honor!

The thought here would be for all in our nation to reflect where we are going, and if we like the direction.  The problem is that we may well be unable to do so, because of generational differences and the fact that we are so far apart on what  America should be . Our collective ignorance of not knowing who we are, where we came from, what we stand for,  and our lack of respect for each other are ingredients for disaster which elections will not fix if they continue to take place in such a caustic atmosphere.