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Just A Voice on Main Street: The Greatest Gifts We can Offer to Our Veterans.

This Sunday, November 11th, is Veterans Day where we remember all of those people who have served our country and died for it, as well as those who served and are still with us today.  Most of us are thankful for their service, and look for ways to express our gratitude, the simplest , just…MORE

Just A Voice on Main Street: Are We beyond Fixing?

 There was a belief in split government where competing ideas might offset each other on how best to govern.  The compact here was supposed to revolve around the concept that we all believed in the Constitution as the Supreme Law of Our Land.  What has many concerned today, and why they don’t want split government…MORE

Just A Voice on Main Street: What We Have Learned in the Kavanaugh Case.

A. With regard to this Kavanaugh Situation, What Have We Learned? a.  We have learned that if you throw out enough unsubstantiated charges, it might be enough to keep him or her off the Supreme Court, or anything else for that matter. b.  We have learned that Democrats and many on the far Left are…MORE

Just A Voice On Main Street: Separating Fact, Fiction, and Perception.

Amidst all of the political noise in the United States today, it is often very difficult to separate fact, fiction, and perception.  Political and Ideological leanings seem to have infected everything we view and hear.  In that vein, it is my intent to try to make some sense of it here in my own small…MORE

Just A Voice on Main Street: A Sad Day For Us All.

     What a sad time we are in. People are happy because we are feeding on ourselves? That is a reason to be happy? A Memo comes out today which will accuse high echelon officials of the FBI and perhaps Justice Department in working on behalf of one political party to keep the other from…MORE

Just A Voice on Main Street: Random Thoughts on the Passing Scene

ACLU says that the President mentioning Americans over 89 times in SOTU is exclusionary. He also said WE 129 times which is also exclusionary.  Here is where we find the Great Divide in America.  Difference between feelings for fellow human beings, and citizenship status.  One does not justify the other.  They are two distinctly different…MORE

Just A Voice on Main Street: Are We Looking for Real Justice with Russians? OR Do We want to Just Rid Ourselves of Trump?

The DOJ may choose Special Prosecutor to investigate Clinton allegations on Uranium and other specific matters. What do people really want?  They are tired of the Clintons operating on one moral plane while the rest of us must operate on another.  They are the epitomy of misuse of power for themselves, deal-making, and enriching themselves…MORE

JUST A VOICE ON MAIN STREET: What can WE do to stop the Attacks?

We begin by gnashing our teeth and tearing our clothes apart over what WE need to do as a nation and government when yet another mass shooting happens.  Some of our governmental leaders immediately rush to a microphone to tell the world that this wouldn’t have happened if WE had done something, like either restrict…MORE

Just A Voice on Main Street: Are we really searching for Truth?

One of the great stories of the Presidential election was that many in the so-called working Middle Class rose up and let people know that they were left wanting in what their governmental representatives were providing.  I find that we are wanting again in terms of wanting truth.  If you are a citizen who desires…MORE