Just A Voice on Main Street: What We Have Learned in the Kavanaugh Case.

A. With regard to this Kavanaugh Situation, What Have We Learned?

a.  We have learned that if you throw out enough unsubstantiated charges, it might be enough to keep him or her off the Supreme Court, or anything else for that matter.

b.  We have learned that Democrats and many on the far Left are willing to trash 250 years of Law starting in England and all through our Constitutional Law and Jurisprudence to win no matter what the cost.

c.  We have learned that much like Islamic Terrorism, anything you do to the Infidel is ok; Lie, Cheat, steal, defame or kill (in this case a reputation) is right if you are in search of YOUR truth, not necessarily THE truth.

d.  We have learned that the mob can be swayed in this country by ignorance of the aforementioned principles and are willing to follow like lemmings over the proverbial cliff of truth.

e.  We have learned that you can weaponized your virtue or lack of same no matter how far back it goes.

f.    We have learned that in this case, the first 22 years of your life is what matter, and the total of 35 years of service and outstanding work in your field and personal life means nothing.

g.  We have learned that hatred of Trump trumps all else.

h.  We have learned that human decency is scarce in any of our political dealings.

i.    We have learned that for the Democrats, there will never be enough evidence for Kavanaugh or ANY OTHER nominee to be nominated and approved to the Supreme Court.

j.    We have learned that we are living in surreal times where fantasy and conspiracy theories occupy the bulk of our lives because we do not trust any of our institutions , except for the media with which we agree, or social media which preys on the ignorant among us.  We take as gospel that which we hope will happen, so that every bit of information that wed process can be rationalized into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

k.  At the end of the day, this is about controlling political power by making the Supreme Court the Second Legislative Body if you can’t win at the polls.  If weaponized the way we have seen done in this case, the Least Offensive Branch of government would become essentially the Only branch of government.……Gary Sutton