Just A Voice On Main Street: Separating Fact, Fiction, and Perception.

Amidst all of the political noise in the United States today, it is often very difficult to separate fact, fiction, and perception.  Political and Ideological leanings seem to have infected everything we view and hear.  In that vein, it is my intent to try to make some sense of it here in my own small way.  You, of course may disagree, but at least we will have something specific which we can discuss, if only it is my observations.

Number One.  Donald Trump is not guilty of any campaign violations by paying off two women who said he had sex with them if he did it with his own money.  Does it look good?  Absolutely not, even though the President said it did not happen?  Did it make him look better to potential voters as a result of paying them off?  Absolutely, in fact that probably was the point, wasn’t it?  What has not been said is that it is done all of the time by people who don’t want bad information out about themselves.  If they do it with their own treasure and the other party accepts, the situation is settled.  In the case of the President’s agreement with Stormy Daniels, she was paid not to discuss anything that may well have happened between herself and Donald Trump.  She has violated that agreement by disclosing some of that information, thus violating the agreement.  If that case went to court today, who would win?  By looking at the situation this way, it is not to suggest that all of this plays well, but it is the truth nevertheless, even if we hate Donald Trump.

Number Two: Can we ever call the Mueller investigation a fair one if we don’t give the same scrutiny to the Clinton Campaign and what they were doing through Christopher Steele (author of the dossier) and the Russians.  We hear a great deal about the Trump team meeting with a Russian representative at Trump Tower to get potential dirt on Hillary Clinton, apparently unsuccessfully.  We hear far less, though it was reported some time ago in the New York Times , about contacts high up in the Russian government made by Mr. Steele to try and get dirt on candidate Trump. We know that the investigation by Mr. Steele was financed by the DNC and the Clinton Campaign, yet there has been no Mueller -type investigation yet on that matter.  Where is the equity in that.  We hear about Candidate Clinton’s interview with the FBI, and find out that FBI Director Comey had already decided in that case regarding use of a government computer at her residence that she was already not guilty before the unrecorded interview took place.  Is there not a double standard here?

Finally, and speaking of the Clinton influence, has it dawned on anyone that Lanny Davis, the number one spear catcher for Bill and Hillary Clinton during Watergate and since, is the attorney for Michael Cohen, the President’s former personal attorney..  Does that not look like a conflict of interest, or at the very least, a chance for the Clintons to get back at Donald Trump for beating Hillary in the 2016 election.  Every night during the impeachment process, we saw Lanny Davis out there carrying water for Bill, then later on for Hillary on the Email question.  He has been a Democrat and Clinton hack a long time, so here he is again trying to bring down the duly-elected Trump Administration through Mr. Cohen,

These are just a few observations, facts, and yes, even perceptions that are out there for conversation.  As just a citizen on Main Street, I will have more of these in coming days, but for now, let’s just discuss, think about and chew on these…..Gary Sutton