Just A Voice on Main Street: A Sad Day For Us All.

     What a sad time we are in. People are happy because we are feeding on ourselves? That is a reason to be happy? A Memo comes out today which will accuse high echelon officials of the FBI and perhaps Justice Department in working on behalf of one political party to keep the other from winning, and later, even governing effectively.  I hear people on the Right hyperventilating with smiles on their faces, licking their chops to hear the news today.  On the Left, we have seen them manipulating the news, throwing everything they have at President Trump this past year to get him on something.  The snide remarks nightly from late night talk show hosts to the hatred portrayed by Media, to the ridiculousness of the politicians who cannot even admit that this administration could have done anything right, we are treated to a daily tearing down of a president.  It has been equally pathetic and sad watching the joy they have in doing so.

    Now step back and take a breath for a moment.  Think about this on a mature level without viewing it through the prism of “your side.”  Who loses when both the Right and Left, Conservative and Liberal, Democrat and Republican are so invested in making sure their side wins while the other side loses?  I’ll tell you who, from my perspective.  THE COUNTRY LOSES!  When people ask me who I  am rooting for in the Mueller Investigation, or the House and Senate Investigation,  I tell them that I am rooting for the truth.  What do I hope?  I hope that we have people representing us in those positions of responsibility who have not done wrong, whether it is an FBI official, a Justice Department Official, a presidential candidate, or a president.  That is my hope.  I want my representatives not to abuse the power to which they have been entrusted.  Dishonesty does not know just one side, however.  If there has been abuse of power, then justice in correcting those offenses cannot know any side except that of finding the truth and bringing abusers to justice no matter where they are found or what side they inhabit. 

     At the end of the day, we should all be sad in watching power corrupt anyone who represents us. There is no reason to be giddy, however, over this political feeding frenzy.  Instead, it seems to me that we have to remove ANY official who would weaponize their powers to misrepresent the will of the government; yes, the will of the people of the United States.  There should be no joy, but grim-faced determination in that unhappy task to remove those political cancers to truth.  ……Gary Sutton