Just A Voice on Main Street: Random Thoughts on the Passing Scene

  1. ACLU says that the President mentioning Americans over 89 times in SOTU is exclusionary. He also said WE 129 times which is also exclusionary.  Here is where we find the Great Divide in America.  Difference between feelings for fellow human beings, and citizenship status.  One does not justify the other.  They are two distinctly different things.
  2. Hatred of and lack of trust for the President has totally clouded any ability to be fair in giving credit for achievements that his administration has made.
  3. It has also made people look silly in what they are saying, and they don ‘t even realize it. They are forced to go to the enth degree to justify why they think Trump doesn’t belong.
  4. How does congressional Black Caucus refuse to acknowledge that Black unemployment is lowest since it has been measured.  What does that say about them?  That they are disappointed by good news?
  5. If we refuse to try to be fair as we look at all that is happening, aren’t we lying to ourselves and others in our arguments and debate/discussion?
  6. Didn’t Trump preach independence for individual Americans in his SOTU address? Isn’t that what we should be doing in a society that espouses liberty and freedom?  Doesn’t preaching dependence on government erode the very reason we began and involved as the United States?
  7. Peoples’ State of The Union: Biggest Questions from Here Going Forward:
    1. Will the Achievements of a Trump Administration outweigh the Distractions?
    2. Are there as many Americans opposed to the Trump Presidency as Media and Polls would suggest?
    3. Is Donald Trump too outrageous to be President?
    4. Is Donald Trump too potentially dangerous to be President?
    5. Is there anything that Donald Trump can do to appeal to the “Other Side” from him whoever that may be?
    6. Is there anything that Donald Trump could do to be a “popular” president?
    7. Congressman Devin Nunes is the Man of the Moment today. He is either a liar or is telling the truth in releasing the memo about the FBI. I will tell by the reaction to its release if it comes.  If he were going to crash and burn in front of the nation, and I was on the other side politically, I would be getting the microphone ready for him to make a fool of himself. Just My Thoughts….What do you think?…Gary Sutton