Just A Voice on Main Street: Are We Looking for Real Justice with Russians? OR Do We want to Just Rid Ourselves of Trump?

The DOJ may choose Special Prosecutor to investigate Clinton allegations on Uranium and other specific matters. What do people really want?  They are tired of the Clintons operating on one moral plane while the rest of us must operate on another.  They are the epitomy of misuse of power for themselves, deal-making, and enriching themselves while claiming to be doing service.  While the Weinsteins, Spaceys, and Moores are condemned and being purged, not a whisper about Bill Clinton as an alleged rapist and serial predator using power to do so.  We are told to ignore that because it is his personal business.  How is Juanita Broderick different from any women now coming forth in America to tell their stories as victims?  Why did Hillary Clinton cover up 30,000 emails and more with a separate server that no one else used?  Why can the Clintons have a foundation that appears to be more of a money laundering operation than a place to help people?  Why can Hillary Clinton tell parents of Benghazi victims that “we’ll get that filmmaker who was responsible, then claim she didn’t when they out her?  How can she get away with fixing the Democratic nomination , buying the DNC, and paying money for a dossier that has yet to be verified from an agent who paid at least two people working in the Kremlin for information.  Talk about a Russian connection.  How do deals get made concerning Russian control of our Uraniam through a government-controlled company, then money ends up in the Clinton Foundation, and $500,000 for a 20-minute speech (Twice the normal amount) for Bill Clinton on the eve of the deal. People want to know that there is fairness in investigations for our leaders and would-be leaders in this country.  It is not about the fact that since Hillary Clinton didn’t win she is absolved of all responsibility for her alleged crimes, and we only have room to investigate Donald Trump for having relationships with Russians before and after the election.  For those of us on Main Street who want justice no matter where it leads, the Clintons are the Gigantic Elephants in the room that you must constantly talk around.  Most are saying, “It’s about time they be brought out into the open.”…..Gary Sutton