Just A Voice on Main Street: Are we really searching for Truth?

One of the great stories of the Presidential election was that many in the so-called working Middle Class rose up and let people know that they were left wanting in what their governmental representatives were providing.  I find that we are wanting again in terms of wanting truth.  If you are a citizen who desires it, you are probably disappointed.  Under the guise of handing you truth each day, we find news organizations reporting that which fits their narratives by manipulating the real news that is out there.  By massaging the wording, adding adjectives that fit their purposes, or by omitting key points which do not fit the narrative, these so-called protectors of truth delude themselves, their viewers, their readers, and their listeners into thinking they are providing a real service. This happens on right and left from news people, commentators, and the “experts.”  By being so caught up in their own agenda, whatever that may be, they pass by truth like a train rolling by and missing a stop.  They forget or miss the truth because they do not have a pure desire to find it.  There are still people in our country who want this place to be a “City on the Hill” that was once a desire or maybe just a wish.  For that to happen, we must first be willing to re-engage in a relentless reach for what is real; for what is true.  For that to happen, there must be an awakening; a desire if you will that at the moment seems sadly missing in the United States……Gary Sutton