Perry Actions Examined At Jan-6 Committee Hearing #5

York-area Congressman Scott Perry was mentioned several times in the Jan-6 Committee hearing on Thursday. After the November-2020 election, Perry was one of several Republican lawmakers who met with former President Trump to talk about overturning the result. Justice Department officials testified that Perry called them at the behest of Trump raising various claims about the election in Pennsylvania. Officials say an investigation didn’t find any irregularities. The Committee also presented a text from Perry to then White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows requesting that a lower-level attorney, Jeff Clark, be elevated to Attorney General ahead of January 6. Clark wanted to champion Trump’s bogus election fraud claims. During a deposition with the committee, Clark plead the fifth amendment and claimed executive privilege. Also, a former Special Assistant to the President testified that several lawmakers, including Perry, called seeking a preemptive pardon. In a new statement, Perry says he never sought a Presidential pardon for himself or other Members of Congress. He closed with: “This never happened.” Late last night, Governor Wolf called on Perry to resign. In a tweet, Wolf wrote and I quote, “The January 6th Committee’s findings are clear, Representative Perry drove a brazen attempt to corrupt the justice department. He fueled election lies for months leading up to the insurrection. That very night, he dismissed the will of Pennsylvania voters.”