PA Adds Preserved Farms In York/Lancaster Co’s

Pennsylvania continues to lead the nation in the number of preserved farms with the latest addition of 32-farms spread among 18-counties including York and Lancaster. Officials say nearly $8.2 million in state, county and local dollars was used this time to ensure that more prime farmland is not lost to development. In Lancaster County, $1-million dollars was used to save 6-farms. While in York County, 3-farms were set aside using just under $800,000. So far, over 6,000-farms and more than 600,000-acres in 58-counties have been protected.

Lancaster County – Total investment $819,962 state, $180,569 county

The Aaron Ezra and Gary H. Eby Farm, Earl Township, a 52-acre dairy farm

The Matthew R. Hess Farm, Strasburg Township, a 35-acre crop and beef farm

The Stephen S. and Anna M. King Farm #2, Colerain Township, a 49.6-acre crop farm

The Park H. and Sheila A. Ranck Farm, Strasburg Township, a 39.7-acre crop farm

The Abram M. and Anna M. Stoltzfus Farm, Salisbury Township, a 66-acre crop farm

The Troy S. and Nicole M. Wenger Farm, Rapho Township, a 57.8-acre crop farm

York County – Total investment $509,619 state, $265,680 county

The W. Darren and Suzanne K. Marsteller Farm #1, Hopewell Township, a 113-acre crop farm

The Kenyon L Miller Farm #1, East Hopewell Township, a 70.7-acre crop and livestock farm

The Mary F. Sterner Farm, Larry W. and Michael E. Sterner, trustees, Heidelberg Township, an 86.6-acre crop and livestock farm

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