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Just A Voice on Main Street: Is There No Water’s Edge of Decency?

The latest furor and alleged misdeed of President Donald Trump is that he called the wife of a fallen soldier, and was hurtful and insensitive to her in his comments.  This story is courtesy of Democratic Congresswoman Frederica Wilson.  Here is a question: Is this manufacturing a situation to fit the narrative that Donald Trump…MORE

Just A Voice on Main Street: A Few Important Questions about the Trump Presidency.

Are you trying to understand Donald Trump? Good luck!  For those trying to do that on a daily basis, be careful; you may need some counseling later if you are not already there.  In the meantime, here are some questions that are most intriguing or disturbing to his supporters and non supporters for that matter. …MORE

Just A Voice from Main Street: Who is Donald Trump? Some Questions.

For those of you who are supporters of President Trump, did he let you down by striking a compromise with Senator Schumer and Congresswoman Pelosi on a deal where they agreed to pass aid for Harvey, an extension of the debt limit, and a continuing resolution both to December 15, all together,” House Minority Leader…MORE

Just A Voice on Main Street: Just Some Random Thoughts!

I had just a few random thoughts on the passing scene: Donald Trump did the right thing on DACA and turned from what was expedient to what was right.  He stayed within the limits of his power to execute; not legislate.  Now Congress, who represents the will of all of the people of this country…MORE

Just A Voice From Main Street: Just Random Thoughts on What Could Be. Ahh!

In a free society, when does Big Government become intrusive? When it takes away the choice of the individual and the private sector, and by its actions, makes choices that benefit one part of society while hurting another.  Can it be helped? Whose fault is healthcare?  What if there is not a bogey man or…MORE

Just A Voice on Main Street: Welcome to Reality Show America!

In a time that seems like no other, we ask the question about where we are in the United States of America.  Have we lost our sense of civility?  Have we lost our moral compass?  Does truth matter at all anymore?  Who can we trust?  What institutions do we trust?  Is there anyone who doesn’t…MORE

Just A Voice on Main Street: “Are You Melting Down Over Facts or Feelings?

I received a response on face book the other day regarding an article I put out there, and I thought the person’s statement and my response spoke well to the debate over Trump.  See if you agree. Kathy:Yes, shame on us liberals having a melt down for our President colluding with Russia. We are just…MORE

Just A Voice on Main Street: Shame on the Republicans for being Munchkins on Principle!

Follow the Status Quo Road…Follow the Status Quo Road.  The Republican Status Quo are nothing different than Political Munchkins.  They watched the Democrats screw up the whole healthcare system by putting the government’s filthy hands on it , now they are going to do the same thing , and for what?  Political Expediency?  Because you…MORE

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