Main Street Voices: Who is Fit to be President?

President Obama says Donald Trump is not fit to be president? I don’t really know anymore who is fit to be president, but this president pronouncing who is and is not fit bears some examination before he starts slinging that accusation around.  Yes, I know that President Obama is eloquent, and smooth, especially when compared to a Donald Trump who comes across as crass, brazen, inarticulate, and even irresponsible in his language.  So, what are the qualifications to be President if Trump is not qualified?  Let’s examine, shall we?  1. Lying?  2. Usurping power?  3. Imposing change without peoples’ permission?  4. Over regulating?  5. Being sneaky while saying you will have the “most open and transparent administration ever?”  How is setting up a server outside the government fall into that?  5. Paying $400 million to Iranians to get prisoners back without us knowing it?  6. Bringing illegals in and spreading them around the country without states’ permission?  7. Bringing soldiers home and having ISIS take over the very territory they had lost lives to win.  8. Trading 5 members of Al-Queda for deserter Beau Bergdahl.  9. Instituting a health care system that works for 20 million and is failing for the rest of us.  Oh–“You can keep your Doctor and You can keep you health care coverage–PERIOD!! 9. Lying about what happened at Benghazi for two weeks before coming clean?  10. Telling us about shovel ready jobs that it turned out weren’t so shovel ready.  10. Taking the side of Michael Brown in Ferguson before the facts were in.  BUT…None of that matters because it is President Obama and he said it the right way…That makes him fit?  …Gary Sutton

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